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Who We Are

APEC is a sports performance and fitness education company delivering educational diplomas to Personal Trainers, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Health Coaches and Nutritionists alike. APEC's sole focus is to enhance modes of learning through the inclusion of innovative blended learning technology

What We Do

We achieve this together through the very best systems of practical and theoretical based sports, health and fitness education. Trusted by elite coaches worldwide our focus has always landed on true education within the fitness industry. At APEC, we want to make education our number one goal for all industry fitness professionals. As a result, our education team shares a common goal, which is “better education for a better world ”

Our Vision

To become the World’s #1 on-site and online education provider for health, sports and performance courses.

Mission Statement

Our sole focus at the APEC Institute is to enhance modes of learning through the inclusion of practical application and innovative blended learning technology. Through the constant pursuit of enhancing modes of learning, we come closer to bridging the current knowledge and skills gap in today’s health and fitness industry.

Values & Objectives

  • Create a learning environment where each learner gets treated as an individual.
  • Each learner is afforded the time and dignity needed to enhance their learning performance.
  • Each learner gets to the intended outcome through their chosen educational journey.