Diploma in Performance Nutrition

Nutrition is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle and performance goals.

Students who completed APEC's diploma in Nutruition now have access to an accelerated Nutruition degree at one of APEC's partner Universities.

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The APEC coaching philosophy module provides you with coaching tools to help create a good process of coaching. Having a philosophy gives a coach clear guidance on the objectives that should be pursued and how to achieve them.

The communication module sets you up to communicate effectively and efficiently with your clients. The module will cover everything from pitch and tone of your voice right through to different communication methods such as para verbal, none venerable, body language and listening skill.

The behaviour change module is designed to help you break down and understand the different behaviours people exhibit around exercise and diet. The module focuses on soft skill development for coaches to help people break personal habits and attitudes.

In order to know how food can affect your body and your performance you must first learn how your body breaks down and processes food. This module focusses on the processes and organs the make up the digestive system.

In this module we will look at calories and the energy balance equation, everything we eat has a caloric value here we explore what that value means and how the body uses calories for energy.

Carbohydrates are one of the three macro nutrients our body needs. In this module we take an in depth look at carbohydrates and why the body needs them along with some of the common misconceptions around carbs.

Fats are the second of our three macro nutrients; in this module we take a look at dietary fat its functions in the body and why it is a vital part of a well-rounded diet.

The final macro nutrient is protein, protein has long been seen as a bodybuilding staple, in this module we examine why protein is important for overall health As well as muscle growth, what protein is made up of and how much protein you should be consuming.

In this module we explore what makes one food source better than another. We look at how not all calories are created equal and how to ensure that you are getting all you can from your diet.

Water is one of the most basic human needs, without we would die in a matter of days, in this module we examine the functions of water through-out the body, how much water you should be drinking and also how to identify dehydration.

Fad diets are a huge part of the nutritional landscape at the moment, most people have tried a fad diet at some stage in their life. In this module we look at some of the most popular fad diets at the moment, the thinking behind the, and also the dangers or side effects associated with them.

In this module we focus on the female athlete. We look at how the diet can affect your menstrual cycle and vice versa as well as nutritional deficiencies that are more common in females.

In this module we look at how we can tailor our diet to optimise our performance, we have looked at how the macro nutrients effect our overall health now we will explore how we can utilise different macronutrients at different times can benefit our performance.

In this module we look at how we can tailor our diet to optimise our performance, we have looked at how the macro nutrients effect our overall health now we will explore how we can utilise different macronutrients at different times can benefit our performance.

Dehydration is one of the biggest inhibitors to performance in a game situation. In this module we explore why dehydration is so detrimental to performance and techniques and strategies we can use to keep athletes hydrated.

In this module we explore how the finer details of nutritional programming for performance and recovery. We look into programming techniques and strategies from game day to full season plans detailing how we can put athletes in the best position to perform and improve game after game season after season.

Sports nutrition is a huge business and unfortunately that means there is a lot of suspect supplements out there that have to be navigated through. In this module we look at some of the most beneficial scientifically backed supplements for performance Aswell as looking at how to identify supplements making false claims.

Anti-doping is a huge part of sport especially at an elite level. In this module we explore the anti-doping processes athletes will have to go through and also how to identify if a certain food or supplement are banned.

Diploma in Performance Nutruition

The APEC Performance Nutruition Diploma is a regulated qualification that, upon completion, allows you to become a certified Nutruition coach. 


If you’re a coach looking to make the biggest impact on your athletes and clients you work with then APEC’s Performance Nutrition course should be an essential part of your coaching criteria. The APEC diploma in Performance Nutrition is a complete guide for coaches looking to improve health and performance through nutrition.


100% of the course (theory-based learning) is completed online and is accessible on our award-winning e-learning education platform via your phone, laptop, or iPad. Durning this course you will learn about exercise anatomy, Nutruition for Health, Nutruition for Performance and Behaviour Change techniques to help guide your practice when working with people.


Our Course Includes:

  1.  Training Tools  Tool
    • Calorie Counter Tool 
    • Programming Tool 
    • Session Evaluation Tool 
  2. 10 Downloadable PDF
  3. Nutruition Programming Templates
  4. Game Day Nutrition Templates
  5. Real World Case Studies 
  6. Supportive Literature & Evidence Based Studies
  7. Royale Society of Public Health (RSPH) Membership 
  8. 75 Videos Lessons (23h 30m)



Pricing & Plans

Diploma in Performance Nutrition


€ 1,499

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Course Information

The APEC diploma in Performance Nutrition incorporates the following certifications into one integrated diploma: Communication and Behaviour Change, Nutrition for Health, Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition for Weight Management, and Athletic Performance. With our Diploma in Performance Nutrition, you may begin working as a nutrition coach in the health, fitness or sports performance sector or even establish your own nutrition coaching business. 


We cover everything from dietary concepts to efficient techniques to prepare your body for peak performance to optimal recovery tactics. Learn how to care for your clients or athletes longevity and general health as well as numerous post-exercise dietary approaches to ensure peak performance. 


Our course is specifically designed by industry leaders and fitness professionals with the aim of providing an innovative and effective learning experience whereby the skills, knowledge and behaviours developed can be utilised straight away with your clients and athletes.

The course uses a blended learning approach, which allow you to tailor your learning to your own schedule and lifestyle. With our industry-leading e-Learning platform, you can be confident that you will always get the greatest learning experience as well as continual online help from our education team, no matter where you are. 


The APEC diploma in Performance Nutrition theory is entirely completed online using the APEC e-learning platform, which includes examinations and case studies. This strategy allows you to easily fit your study around your other commitments and lifestyle. 


The APEC education platform was created to make learning as simple as possible. To ensure that our students learn successfully, we use a variety of tools ranging from video lectures to online workbooks and much more. Throughout your stay with us, you will also receive assistance from your dedicated APEC tutor. 


Course Length: The course has been intended to be flexible so that you may do it at your own leisure. While it takes an average of 2-6 months to complete, students can learn full-time and finish in as little as 4-6 weeks. 


Accreditations: The Diploma in Performance Nutrition is a Royal Society of Public Health qualification and is allied to RSPH standards. 


Cost:  There are no additional expenses for certification or exams. 


Offer & Payment Options: To make payments more reasonable, APEC provides various payment plans. Please contact [email protected] for more information. 


What You’ll Qualify With: On successful completion of the Performance Nutrition course, you will qualify with:


  • Diploma in Performance Nutruition 
  • Certificate in Nutrition for Health
  • Certificate in Nutrition for Weight Management and Athletic Performance in Sport
  • Certificate in Supporting Behaviour Change
  • Certificate in Communication 

Completion of your Performance Nutrition qualification will require you to complete theory assessments.



Nutrition For Health



  • Multiple choice quiz on the role of a nutritionist – 70% pass mark required
  • Multiple choice quiz on nutrition for weight loss – 70% pass mark required
  • Multiple choice quiz on macronutrient needs – 70% pass mark required
  • Online interactive assignments and quizzes after each module – 100% complete
  • Evidence-based case study on nutrition for health – Pass required

Performance Nutrition



  • Multiple choice quiz on nutritional needs of athletes – 70% pass mark required
  • Multiple choice quiz on nutritional programming – 70% pass mark required
  • Online interactive assignments and quizzes after each module – 100% complete
  • Evidence-based case study on the general application of nutrition principles for performance/designing a nutrition plan for an elite athlete in season – pass required

This course provides an overview of performance nutrition as well as coaching philosophy ideas, communication, and behaviour changes. The course also assists you in developing and improving your soft skills so that you may have a significant influence on individuals with whom you choose to work. We have designed the most comprehensive Performance Nutrition course in the industry, which will leave you fully accredited and qualified to start coaching and working with new clients and athletes.   


Coaching Philosophy


Being a coach requires having a well-defined methodology for how each client is serviced. Because coaching is employed in so many different contexts, there will be a large range of coaching ideologies. The creation of a coaching philosophy is a method of setting expectations for both the coach and the client. 


Behaviour Change



In nutrition, behaviour change refers to the efforts made to modify people’s personal habits and attitudes towards food in order to avoid disease. Strong understanding of behaviour change and communication techniques is essential if you want to connect with your clients and athletes and really create change in their life style . 


Nutrition Principles


Healthcare, agriculture, organisations and society as a whole is now starting to look at food, diet and processing production methods in new ways, with newly found awareness and concern. Nutrition science is a relatively recent field of study, with research on the role of nutrition in chronic disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancers only taking the centre stage in the last two or three decades. This section of the course will start to look at the newly found principles that’s supports the implementation of Nutruition into our lifestyle. 


Programming For Nutrition


Both acute and chronic undernutrition and over nutrition come with significant health consequences. Acute undernutrition will lead to infections being more severe which results in a decrease in performance. Over nutrition on the other hand can lead to diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, weight gain, and underperformance.


Delivering Nutrition Sessions


The course will educate you how to properly offer nutritional solutions once you have learned how to build a nutrition programme for your client or athletes. This involves establishing connection with customers and inspiring them both before and during sessions. The training offers not just sophisticated ways for reliably monitoring and analysing client progress, but also how to make nutrition enjoyable.

APEC provides a blended learning approach to education, allowing you to finish your qualifications at your own speed and time, based on your unique circumstances and lifestyle. With our award-winning e-learning platform, you can now complete 100% of your Performance Nutrition diploma online. 


Online Education 


APEC offers theory-based instruction in conjunction with online courses. This allows you to begin studying on the same day you enrol and progress through the course modules at your own speed. APEC’s specialised tutors are available to you by phone or email seven days a week. 


Our award-winning e-learning platform is totally customised to your learning requirements. The platform offers learning through digitalised and animated video-led material. To assist you with your learning, online training materials such as online programming software, spreadsheet files, and customer assessment sheets are offered. Finally, APEC offers one of the most complete digital fitness and nutrition libraries.


You are not required to complete your course within any time period, providing you the freedom to do so at your own speed.

You will be able to enrol with the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) once you have completed your Performance Nutrition diploma. 


APEC also offers post-course assistance to help you find work with in the health sector.  


Career Guidance 


At APEC, we go above and above to assist our students. We are committed to not just offering excellent service throughout the course, but also to assisting you in getting the most out of your nutrition profession. 


After completing the course, you may schedule a session with our post-course career assistance staff, who will walk you through several career opportunities. 


The career assistance staff will help you with CV analysis.  F orthcoming health, fitness, and wellness positions will be listed on our internal bulletin board, which is accessible to all APEC diploma students. 


Progression Pathway 


Following the completion of your Nutrition diploma, you will be entitled to pursue further education degrees in Nutruition and Health Coaching. APEC takes pride in its approach to continuing education.

Pricing & Payment

You can get the complete course for €1199. We offer flexible payment plans and you can sign up with Humm for as little as 51 Euro a month.
Yes, we provide several payment plans. If it is not available on the website please drop us a message in the message box and we can organise one that suits you.

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