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Upon successful completion of APEC’s Diploma in Personal Training, you will attain the industry’s most esteemed Personal Training qualification, widely recognized and respected worldwide. You will also acquire a comprehensive set of credentials to advance your career significantly.

  • Diploma in Personal Training
  • Certificate in Fitness Instructing
  • Certificate in Instructing Gym-based Exercise
  • Certificate in instructing Group-based Exercise
  • Certificate in Nutrition
  • Certificate in Wellbeing
Course Sample
Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan

Embark on your journey as a Personal Trainer with Module 1, where we introduce you to the course framework and delve into the essential coaching characteristics and principles that define a successful Personal Trainer. This module lays the foundation for your exciting career ahead.

Embark on your journey as a Personal Trainer with Module 1, where we introduce you to the course framework and delve into the essential coaching characteristics and principles that define a successful Personal Trainer. This module lays the foundation for your exciting career ahead.

In Module 2, we dive deep into the intricate components that compose our living, breathing body. Discover the fascinating details of exercise anatomy and physiology, gaining insights into how our body responds and adapts to physical activity over time. This comprehensive exploration forms the core of understanding human movement and performance.

As a Personal Trainer, effective communication is paramount to your success. In Module 3, we equip you with the essential skills to communicate efficiently with your clients. From understanding the nuances of pitch and tone in your voice to exploring various communication methods such as paraverbal, non-verbal cues, body language, and active listening, this module provides a comprehensive toolkit for building strong connections with your clients. Enhance your communication prowess and build lasting relationships that support your clients’ fitness journey to success.

In Module 4, we delve into the intriguing world of behaviour change, helping you dissect and comprehend the diverse behaviours people exhibit regarding exercise and diet. As a Personal Trainer, soft skill development becomes key in guiding individuals to break personal habits and attitudes that may hinder their progress. Gain valuable insights and tools to effectively support and empower your clients on their transformative journey toward positive and sustainable behavior change. With this module, you’ll become a catalyst for lasting and impactful transformations in your clients’ lives.

In Module 5, we take an in-depth exploration into the foundational aspects of nutrition for overall health. This comprehensive module breaks down the intricacies of micro and macro nutrition, as well as the significance of proper hydration. Aspiring Personal Training professionals will gain valuable knowledge on tracking calories and structuring them into a user-friendly system that seamlessly integrates with their clients’ training regimen. By mastering the essentials of nutrition, you’ll be equipped to guide and support your clients in achieving their fitness goals while promoting a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

In Module 6, we dive deep into coaching science, offering valuable insights into the scientific principles that form the bedrock of coaching practices. This module bridges the gap between theory and real-life application, empowering personal coaches to efficiently apply their learning for the benefit of their clients. By mastering coaching science, you’ll gain the expertise to create impactful coaching strategies that cater to each client’s unique needs, facilitating their progress and success on their fitness journey. Unlock the secrets of effective coaching, and watch as your clients thrive under your expert guidance.

In Module 7, we take a profound dive into the physiological screen model, a vital tool used to identify movement dysfunctions. This module equips you with the knowledge and skills to conduct initial assessments with clients effectively. Additionally, you’ll gain access to tools and downloadable PDFs that will aid you in asking the right health check questions, and building a comprehensive profile of your clients’ preferences, training background, likes, and dislikes. Armed with this thorough understanding, you’ll be well-prepared to design personalized and effective training programs that address your clients’ specific needs and ensure their journey to improved health and fitness is both safe and successful.

In Module 8, we delve into the heart of the course, where the focus lies on the diverse training systems available to assist your clients in achieving their goals. Covering everything from aerobic and anaerobic development to strength and hypertrophy training, this module comprehensively explores all aspects in between. By mastering training science, you’ll be equipped with a vast array of tools and techniques to design effective and goal-oriented training programs tailored to each individual client. Empower your clients to reach new heights and unlock their full potential, as you guide them through a journey of physical transformation and improved performance.

In Module 9, we take the training systems learned in the training science modules and apply them strategically to create systematic and effective exercise programming. This module places a special emphasis on programming principles that address various goals, such as fat loss, hypertrophy, mobility, and overall fitness. By understanding the nuances of exercise programming, you’ll be equipped to design tailored and progressive workout plans that lead to the best possible results for your clients. Empower your clients to achieve their goals and witness the transformative power of a well-structured exercise program on their journey to improved health and fitness.

In Module 10, we open the doors to the realm of online coaching, providing coaches with a unique opportunity to access 6 months of free online programming software. This comprehensive module covers every aspect of online coaching, offering a full demonstration of the RYPT platform. With this powerful tool, fitness trainers can seamlessly create and sell programs to their clients, enhancing their coaching services and expanding their reach in the digital world. Embrace the potential of online coaching, and embark on a journey of innovation and growth as you connect with clients worldwide and make a lasting impact on their fitness journeys.

In Module 11, we introduce you to the invaluable Session Evaluation training tool, designed to help you assess your personal training sessions effectively. This module empowers you to evaluate sessions in two essential ways: objectively, by assessing whether you have successfully achieved the desired outcomes of each session with your clients, and subjectively, by gathering valuable feedback from your clients, colleagues, and mentors. By employing this comprehensive evaluation approach, you’ll gain valuable insights to continuously improve your coaching techniques and ensure your clients receive the best possible training experience. Elevate your skills as a Personal Trainer and build lasting relationships with your clients, all while maintaining a commitment to excellence and continuous growth.

In Module 12, we adopt a holistic approach to life, emphasizing the importance of overall health and well-being. This module is dedicated to encouraging individuals to make positive lifestyle changes that lead to freedom from physical illness, disease, and mental distress. As a Personal Trainer, you’ll learn to inspire and support your clients in achieving a balanced and thriving lifestyle that goes beyond mere physical fitness. By promoting holistic well-being, you’ll empower your clients to lead fulfilling and enriching lives, nurturing their mental, emotional, and physical health in harmony. Make a profound impact on your clients’ well-being, and witness the transformative power of a holistic approach to health and happiness.

In Module 13, we delve into the essential Professional Practice principles that define the code of ethics and conduct for professional Personal Trainers in the fitness industry. This module reflects the core values, rights, relationships, responsibilities, standards, and safety that form the backbone of your practice as a Personal Trainer. By embracing professional practice, you’ll establish yourself as a trusted and respected professional, upholding the highest standards of integrity, safety, and client care. Elevate your career as a Personal Trainer and leave a lasting impression on your clients and peers, as you embody the values that set you apart as a true industry professional.

In Module 14, we emphasize the utmost importance of health and safety in your role as a Personal Trainer. This module promotes a responsible attitude towards the care and safety of your clients within the training environment and during planned activities, ensuring they are appropriate for your clients’ needs. You’ll learn systematic preparation for all your clients’ activities, focusing on safety measures and the proper use of equipment. By prioritizing health and safety, you’ll create a secure and supportive training environment, fostering trust and confidence in your clients, and ensuring their well-being remains at the forefront of your practice as a dedicated and conscientious Personal Trainer.

In the final section of the course, Module 15, you’ll embark on an exciting and practical journey, conducting a real-life case study with a client. As an aspiring Personal Trainer, you’ll apply all the knowledge, skills, and behaviors developed throughout the course, showcasing your expertise in action. This hands-on experience will require you to meticulously document and record the client’s interactions and progressions as you guide them on their fitness journey.

The case study will serve as a comprehensive presentation, where you’ll demonstrate your ability to implement the principles and practices learned during the course, providing a valuable snapshot of your capabilities as a professional Personal Trainer. This fulfilling module offers a unique opportunity to witness the tangible impact of your coaching and solidify your position as a competent and proficient fitness expert.

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Diploma in Personal Training

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