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Our course stands out as more cost-effective compared to other providers due to our efficient use of technology and the innovative blended learning format. By leveraging our award-winning education platform, we significantly reduce overhead expenses, such as renting physical spaces for classes. These cost savings enable us to offer our students a more affordable option without compromising the level and quality of our course content. Our commitment to providing accessible and high-quality education remains unwavering

Absolutely! Upon successful completion of our course, you will attain full qualification as a personal trainer. With this qualification, you will be fully equipped to begin your journey as a professional personal trainer and start working with and training clients confidently.

Yes, without a doubt. APEC’s Diploma in Personal Training holds international recognition. This means that your qualification will be acknowledged and valued in various countries worldwide. Whether you intend to work locally or explore opportunities abroad, you can rest assured that your certification will be esteemed in the global fitness industry.

We are so confident that this course will be your best investment that if you are not satisfied, we will return your money with no question asked.

Submit the form for 24-hour access to the Diploma in Personal Training online platform at just €1.

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The offer's extinguished, but your path to knowledge is still brilliantly lit! Secure 24-hour access to the course for just €100.

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