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APECs strength and conditioning diploma is now part of an accelerated degree into year 2 of a health science course

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The first module of the Personal Trainer course introduces you to the course framework while also touching on the key coaching characteristics and principles of being a good Personal Trainer.

The exercise anatomy & physiology module highlights all the different components that make up our living breath body. The module also examines the responses and adaptation to physical activity over time.

Communicating effectively with clients is a very important part of being a personal trainer. The communication module of our course sets you up to communicate effectively and efficiently with your clients. The module will cover everything from the pitch and tone of your voice right through to the different communication methods such as para verbal, non-verbal, body language and listening skill.

The behaviour change module is designed to help you break down and understand the different behaviours people exhibit around exercise and diet. The module focuses on soft skill development for coaches to help people break personal habits and attitudes.

The nutrition module takes a deep dive into the fundamentals of nutrition for health. It breaks down everything from micro and macro nutrition right through to hydration. The model teaches aspiring Personal Training professionals how to track calories and put them into a system that is easy to understand and effective when applied to a client’s training regime.

The coaching science module provides insight into the scientific foundation that underpins the work of all coaching practices. The module translates the science of coaching into real-life practice application and shows personal coaches the link between theory and practice and how to apply their learning efficiently for the benefit of their clients.

The assessment and screening module delves deeply into the physiological screen model that is used to detect movement dysfunction. This module also covers the initial assessment with clients, as well as tools and PDFs to assist you in asking the right health check questions and building a profile on your clients’ likes, dislikes, and training background.

The training science module is the nuts and bolts of the course and focuses on all the different training systems that can be used to help your client achieve their goals. Everything from aerobic and anaerobic development right through to strength and hypertrophy development including everything in between.

Exercise programming applies the training systems taught in training science modules to show coaches how to systematically programme for the best results. With a special emphasis on programming principles, that addresses fat loss, hypertrophy, mobility, and overall fitness.

The online coaching module provides coaches with access to 6 months of free online programming software. The module runs through every aspect of online coaching including a full demonstration of the RYPT platform which allow fitness trainers to create and sell programs to the clients they work with.

The session evaluation module training tool helps you evaluate your sessions in two ways: objectively, by checking whether you have achieved the outcomes of your personal training session with your clients; and subjectively, by getting feedback from your clients, colleagues and mentors.

The health and well-being module focuses on a holistic approach to life and encouraging people to make lifestyle changes that will see them free from physical illness, disease and mental distress. 

The professional practice module covers the code of ethics and conduct that defines good practice for you as a professional Personal Trainer in the fitness industry by reflecting the core values, rights, relationships, responsibilities, standards and safety.

The health and safety module promotes a responsible attitude to the care and safety of your clients within the training environment and in planned activities, ensuring both are appropriate to the needs of your clients. The module also covers systematic preparation for all your client’s activity in terms of safety, including the safe use of equipment.

The final section of the course is the case study. In this section, you as an aspiring Personal Trainer are required to complete and record the interaction and progressions of a real-life client. You will be required to implement all the knowledge skills and behaviours developed throughout the course and build a real-life case study on a client that will be presented back to your tutor.

Diploma In Personal Training  

The APEC Personal Training Diploma is a regulated qualification that, upon completion, allows you to become a certified Personal Trainer. 

If you’re looking to become a leading Personal Trainer in the health and fitness industry then this qualification is ideal for you!

80% of the course (theory-based learning) is completed online and is accessible on our award-winning e-learning education platform via your phone, laptop, or iPad. You will learn about exercise anatomy, training science, and coaching science during this section of your course. 

After you have completed your online learning, the remaining 20% of your course is delivered face to face in workshops where we will walk you through the practical components of your course such as screening, gym-based resistance training, biomechanics, and training systems.


Our Course Includes:

  1. 5 Training Tools 
    • Movement Screening Tool
    • Assessment Tool
    • Calorie Counter Tool 
    • Programming Tool 
    • Session Evaluation Tool 
  2. 10 Downloadable PDF
  3. Free Online Programming App
  4. Programming & Nutruition Templates 
  5. 90 + Videos Lessons (70 hours)

Course Information.

You’ll be well-equipped to put your enthusiasm for health and fitness to work with an APEC Personal Training diploma. Our accreditation allows you to develop your career and that of your clients. 



Our blended learning model combines online and classroom based education. This model works around your schedule, so you don’t have to put your life on wait to finish the course. 



The course combines the certificates in Fitness Instruction and certificate in Personal Training into a single integrated course. This allows you to begin working as a personal trainer straight away, whether you want to establish your own personal training business or work for a local or national gym chain. 



The APEC Personal Training qualification will prepared you for any situation weather its working   1-2-1 with a client, building a customised programme for a client, or even giving government guideline nutrition support; with an APEC Personal Training certification, you ensure you always have the necessary tools in hand to succeed. This course is also a good starting point for individuals who want to specialise in Performance Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning, or Health Coaching. 



APEC takes pride in offering its students a highly engaged Personal Training education experience. We are committed to your career development from the moment you enrol. 

he APEC diploma in Personal Training was created by industry-leading coaches to provide you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and behaviours to work as a competent Personal Trainer or even start your own PT business. 



Several professional organisations, including REPS, IREPS, VTCT, and CIMSPA, have accredited APEC’s Personal Training Diploma. Ofqual regulates each course delivered by APEC. This qualification has one of the industry’s most regulated processes, distinguishing it from any other qualification or course. 




Course Length: The course has been intended to be flexible so that you may do it at your own leisure. While it typically takes 2-6 months to finish, students can learn full-time and complete it in as little as 4-6 weeks. 




Accreditations: REPS, IREPS, VTCT, and CIMSPA. 



Cost: There are no additional fees for anything, including certification or exams. 



Payment Options: APEC provides several payment options to make payments more reasonable. 



What You’ll Qualify With: On successful completion of the PT Diploma, you will qualify with:


  1. Diploma in Personal Training
  2. Certificate in Personal Training 
  3. Certificate in Fitness Instructing
  4. Certificate in Instructing Gym-based Exercise
  5. Certificate in Instructing Group-based Exercise 
  6. Certificate in Nutrition
  7. Certificate in Wellbeing

To achieve your Personal Training qualification, you must complete the assessments listed below. 


Fitness Instructor Assessment: 


  • A 70% score on the anatomy and physiology multiple-choice paper. 
  • A minimum of 70% on the multiple-choice paper on the principles of exercise and health. 
  • After each module, complete all online interactive quizzes and tasks. 
  • Practical evaluation of a gym-based induction 
  • Completion of health and safety curriculum and client overview 


Personal Trainer Assessments 


  • A minimum of 70% on the multiple-choice paper in exercise anatomy and physiology. 
  • A minimum of 70% on the multiple-choice paper on nutrition application. 
  • Case study on the development of a 12-week programme for a client 
  • Practical evaluation of implementing a personalised personal training programme 
  • Completion of coursework in client programming, smart objectives, client screening, and progressive overload.



APEC provides a engaging and interactive Personal Training diploma. It gives the student the essential information and understanding of how to communicate with clients one-on-one both in-person and online. Learn how to use a thorough grasp of human anatomy and nutrition to assist the implementation of a safe and successful workout programme for Personal Training sessions.


The qualification is made up of five major components, which are as follows.


Training Science 

The course’s exercise and training science component focuses on the training concepts that comprise excellent practise, as well as applicable anatomy and physiology. Human biomechanics is also thoroughly examined, with a particular emphasis on the major gym-based lift and all of the technical modules that support each exercise.


Coaching Science 

The coaching science section of the course provides insight into the scientific foundation that underpins the work of all coaching practice. The module translates the science of coaching into real-life practice application and shows coaches the link between theory and practice. This portion, in essence, develops your abilities as a coach to work in a group context or one on one with a client.


Periodisation & Programming

Exercise programming and periodisation takes the training systems that were learned in the training science modules and shows coaches how to systematically program for the most effective outcomes with their clients. Principles for programming covers fat loss, hypertrophy, strength mobility and general fitness.



Because nutrition is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, the nutrition module delves deeply into the foundations of nutrition for health. It deconstructs everything from micro and macronutrients to hydration. The model demonstrates to coaches how to measure calories and organise them into a system that is simple to use and successful when applied to a client’s training regimen.


Soft Skills

Communication, behaviour change, and reflective practise are examples of core competence and soft skills that will serve as the cornerstone and bedrock of your career as a Personal Trainer. The communication module prepares you to communicate with your clients successfully and efficiently. Considering everything from your voice’s pitch and tone to other communication strategies such as paraverbal, none venerable, body language, and listening ability. The behaviour change module is intended to assist you in breaking down and comprehending the many behaviours people display in relation to exercise and food. The training focuses on soft skill development for coaches in order to assist people in breaking personal habits and attitudes as well as improving motivation. Finally, reflective practise helps you to appropriately reflect on your job as a fitness expert as a coach.

APEC provides a blended learning approach to education, allowing you to finish your qualifications at your own speed and in accordance with your unique circumstances and lifestyle. With our award-winning online e-learning platform, you can now complete your Personal Training diploma online.



Online Education 


APEC provides online access to the theory-based learning associated with the course. This allows you to begin studying on the same day you enrol and progress through the course modules at your own speed. APEC’s staff and specialised tutors are available to you by phone or email seven days a week.   



Our award-winning e-learning platform is totally customised to your learning requirements. The platform offers learning through digitalised and animated video-led material. To assist you with your learning, online training materials such as online programming software, training tools, and client assessment sheets are offered. Finally, APEC offers one of the most extensive digital exercise libraries to assist you improve your movement skill  and knowledge. 



You are not required to complete your course within any time period. 

Pricing & Plans

Diploma in Personal Training


€ 1,499

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Diploma in Personal Training & Diploma in Performance Nutrition Package


€ 2,499

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What is in every
APEC course!

Careers and Progression

After completing your Personal Training diploma, you will be able to register as a qualified Personal Trainer and immediately begin promoting your services. 


APEC also offers post-course assistance to help you find work with a big gym chain or with one of our many successful students who have gone on to own and operate smaller customised gyms after finishing their education with APEC. 



Career Guidance 


At APEC, we go above and above to assist our students. We are not only concerned with delivering excellent service throughout the course, but we also want to assist you in getting your personal training career off to the best possible start. 



After completing the course, you may schedule a session with our post-course career assistance staff, who will walk you through several career opportunities. 



The career assistance staff will help you with CV analysis. We will prepare you for interviews and forthcoming health, fitness, and wellness positions will be listed on our internal jobs board, which is accessible to all APEC diploma students. 



Progression Pathway 


APEC is proud of its approach to continuing education. Following the completion of your Personal Training diploma, you will be eligible to pursue higher education degrees  in Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition, and Health Coaching. 

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