Exercise Anatomy and Physiology

Module list

Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

Concepts and Terminology

The Circulatory System

The Muscular System

The Nervous System

The Respiratory System

The Skeletal System

The Digestive System

Energy Systems


Welcome to this course where we will be learning about exercise anatomy and physiology. The course will provide you with a very practical and conceptual understanding of the human body and how it works. The aim is to give you a clear and transparent understanding of exercise anatomy and physiology, and how they are related to the profession of a health and fitness practitioner.


Following completion of this course, learners will have an in-depth understanding of anatomical, physiological, neurological biomechanical and neuromotor adaptations as it relates to exercise.

This course will enable you to understand how each system in the body works in conjunction with one another to make up the living breathing organism that is your human body.

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