Movement Competency Analysis

Module list

Movement Competency Analysis Part 1 – Introduction

Movement Competency Analysis Part 1.1 – Lower Body Movement

Movement Competency Analysis part 1.2 – Upper Body Movement

Movement Competency Analysis Part 2 – Athletic Population

Movement Competency Analysis Part 2.1 – Athletic Population Continued 


Get yourself a Certificate in Movement Competency Analysis.


The online Certificate in Movement Competency Analysis will provide you with a very practical and conceptual understanding of how the human body moves and aims to give you a clear understanding of the importance in assessing your client’s movement so that you can programme safely and effectively.


Following completion of this Certificate you will realise the impact a clear movement screen can have for you and your client and also an in depth understanding of the most common movement dysfunctions you will see. Having this knowledge will allow you build a strong rapport with your clients, showcase your intent to create clients who are fit for purpose and educate them on how these movement dysfunctions can impact their life.


This Certificate will also enable you to programme effectively off the back of your observations to facilitate client centred care, giving you the opportunity to be the best coach you can be.


With our carefully curated, animated video content, we make sure that you learn effectively. A career in the health and fitness industry has never been easier to achieve. Our flexible payment plan allows you to educate yourself on the go without any hassle. The online model lets you earn effectively, at your own pace.

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