Strength & Conditioning Performance Specialist Certification

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Strength and conditioning involves an in-depth exploration of exercise programming and the human body to maximise sporting performance. The S&C Performance Specialist course provides learners with an elite level of education by supplying the underpinning theory and tools to translate science into practice. Learners will cover biomechanics of movement, player screening and assessment, advanced programming for strength, power, speed, agility, and energy system development. The aim is to produce graduates who can apply an exceptional level of knowledge in the sport and exercise environment to harness the physiological mechanisms of the human body in order to maximise an individual’s development.

Course Overview

Physical activity and exercise are fundamental to health, human flourishing, and sporting performance. Strength and Conditioning involves understanding how the body works and adapts to exercise in order to generate creative, effective, and acceptable exercise programmes for athletes.

The profession is a combination of coaching, performance improvement, and performance specialist. The course will cover the underpinning anatomy and physiology of health and exercise, nutrition and performance management, athlete motivation, and exercise programming.

Advanced programming components across periodisation, strength and power training, and energy system development will also be covered. Additionally, the boundaries of practice and aspects of professionalism and business acumen will be covered. The aim is to produce graduates who can adapt their programming to maximise the athlete’s goals through their use of exercise programming and motivation approaches.


The S&C Performance Specialist course is a Focus Awards recognised qualification, delivered by APEC – one of Europe and the UK’s leading providers of Strength and Conditioning qualifications.

We deliver this course to students across both Europe and the UK using an online/blended learning approach, using e-learning, webinars, dedicated tutorials, and optional practical workshops. This flexible approach allows you to work at your own pace and wrap your study around other commitments.

We abide by a very sensible pricing policy for our Strength and Conditioning courses and we also offer the option of monthly payment plans.

Finally, you will benefit from FREE CPD, FREE Career / Strength and Conditioning start-up support and a guaranteed interview scheme

You will work through your S&C Performance Specialist qualification at your own pace using a combination of online learning, webinars, tutorials, and optional practical workshops. You will be heavily supported at each step by our team of genuine fitness experts, who are available to help you from 8 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week!

You will study a range of core modules in this course listed below.

In terms of assessment you will complete:

  • Coursework
  • Case study
  • Learner Assessment Pack’s (LAP’s)

Endorsed Qualification

  • Study method – Online including webinars
  • Duration – Part-time
  • Qualification –Strength and Conditioning
  • Additional info – Exam(s) / assessment(s) is included in price
  • Additional info – Tutor is available to students throughout the course

Studying with APEC throughout the COVID-19 outbreak?

  • APEC will be open as usual and we have lots of innovative learning systems in place to allow you to study your course 100% Online from home
  • Our state of the art Online Learning platform is accessible 24/7
  • Our learner support team is available from 8 am to 10 pm, every day
  • We have recordings of key sections from our practical workshop days, which are available as online webinars
  • We have some innovation in place that lets you sit your theory exams at home
  • We will be accepting video recordings of your practical exams
  • You have the option of retrospectively attending practical workshops once gyms are open again
  • There are no time limits to your study and access is ongoing

Who is this course for?

Anyone wishing to become an S&C Performance Specialist coach.


An active interest in fitness and reasonable levels of English & Maths.

Career path

When you have completed your course in S&C Performance Specialist course, we can then offer you FREE Career Guidance and Strength and Conditioning Start-Up Support as well as a Guaranteed Interview to help get you started. You may also wish to move on to study other qualifications we offer such as Health Coaching and Nutrition.

Payment Type

Option 1: Upfront payment, Option 2: Payment plan

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