Now that you have both the Diploma in Personal Training and the RSPH level 4 Diploma in Nutrition for Physical Activity and Sport, you will have gained invaluable knowledge and experience as a coach.

The next step in the educational pathway is the Level 4 Diploma in Strength & Conditioning.

Again, this qualification is available using ELCAS credits for those suitable. The Level 4 qualification in Strength & Conditioning is for learners interested in working with athletes, teams, or even those looking to advance their knowledge in physiology, training systems and periodisation for their current clients. We deliver an in-depth exploration of exercise programming and the human body to maximise performance.

The focus is on underpinning theories and tools that translate science into practice.

The learner will uncover the biomechanics of movement and player screening and assessment whilst building knowledge around the importance of both. Above all else, the learner will understand advanced programming and periodisation to develop strength, power, speed, agility, and specific energy system improvement.

Our Strength and Conditioning course is so highly regarded that on the succession of the course you will be eligible to apply for an accelerated degree in Strength & Conditioning through our University partners.

As you will be well on your way through our education pathway you will already be extremely familiar with our online platform and helpful tutors, making this an even more appealing course to continue growing as a coach.

Although Strength & Conditioning is one of APEC’s flagship courses, we strive to continually update our content to keep our learners up to date.

 Please get in touch for more information on any of our courses and stay tuned for step 3.

About Author:

Personal Training Courses in Newry- Coach David Downey

Dave Downey is the UK Education Manager at APEC. He is a qualified Sports Rehabilitation practitioner who still works clinical hours and stays up to date with the best evidence-based practice.

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