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Students who completed APEC's diploma in S&C now have access to an accelerated S&C degree at one of APEC's partner universities.

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    The first module of the Strength & Conditioning diploma introduces you to an
    overview of the role of an S&C coach, potential paths and career
    progressions of a coach, recommended steps to take after receiving a
    qualification and how to develop a personal coaching system and philosophy.
    Having a philosophy gives a coach clear guidance on the objectives that
    should be pursued and how to achieve them.

    The exercise anatomy module highlights all the different systems and components that make up our living breathing body. 

    The exercise physiology module highlights the body’s responses to physical activity as well as how the body adapts to physical activity over time.  

    This module covers the importance of an initial movement screen, different types of movement screens that can be used, common movment dysfunctions to look out for and exercises that can be implemented to target these dysfunctions. This module also provides tools and PDFs to help you ask the right questions as well as build a profile on your athlete.

    This module identifies a 3 step approach when it comes to profiling athletes and identifying the most appropriate performance tests to implement with the athlete.

    Step 1 – Outlines the Performance Profiling of the sport/event the athlete is competing in.

    Step 2 – Identifies the characteristics needed to perform in that sport/event.

    Step 3 – Create a long-term periodisation and program plan that will elicit the desired performance characteristics the athlete needs to compete in the sport/event.

    The training science module is the nuts and bolts of the course and focuses on all the different training systems that can be used to help your client improve their performance. Everything from Energy System Development right through to strength hypertrophy, power and speed development. 

    The coaching science module provides insight into the scientific foundation that underpins the work of all coaching practices. The module translates the science of coaching into real-life practice application and shows personal coaches the link between theory and practice and how to apply their learning efficiently for the benefit of their clients. 

    Exercise programming takes the training systems that was taught in the training science modules and shows coaches how to program for the most effective outcomes. This module covers exercise selection; the implementation of our systems approach to programming; different loading methods, how to program for the advanced athlete and how to bring all of this together to generate a structured training plan. 

    Periodisation takes a step back from programming and look at the systemic implementation of a program across the entire training annual plan. This module starts off by taking a look at the origins of periodisation going all the way back to the Soviet Union and East Germany before going into the planning and periodisation of a yearly training plan for athletes and the phases of yearly plan.

    In this module we will take a look at the main macronutrients fat, carbohydrates and protein, why the body needs them and their importance for sporting performance. This module will also cover the importance of hydration and methods to assess water loss and how to rehydrate during or after a competition. 

    Coaching is an iterative process that requires self-evaluation to improve your services you provide as a coach. Self-evaluation enables you to honestly assess your strengths and also areas you need to improve upon as a coach. The session evaluation module training tool helps you evaluate your sessions in two ways: objectively, by checking whether you have achieved the outcomes of your session with your athletes; and subjectively, by getting feedback from your athletes, colleagues and mentors. 

    This online workshop covers some of the important considerations that coaches need to understand when working with female athletes.

    The online coaching module provides coaches with access to 6 months of free online programming software. The module runs through every aspect of online coaching including a full demonstration of the RYPT platform which allow S&C coaches to create and sell programs to the clients they work with. 

    Communicating effectively with athletes is a very important part of being a strength & conditioning coach. The communication module of our course sets you up to communicate effectively and efficiently with your athletes. The module will cover everything from the pitch and tone of your voice right through to the different communication methods such as para verbal, non-verbal, body language and listening skill. Learners will be introduced to reflective writing and the benefits of reflective practice within a coaching environment.

    This module on sports injuries covers the most common types of injuries that occur during sport, and how to prevent, recover and rehabilate from those injuries. This module will delve into some of the psychological responses to injury and strategies that can be used to aid in the recovery process.
    This module will take a look at the common areas in sports psychology. Knowing this will help your athletes perform better through methods of preparation, goal setting and also teaching them how to perform under pressure.

    This module takes a look at what professional standards are, why its important to follow then as well as some of the common standards within the S&C performance industry.

    This module looks at the importance of conducting risk assessments, the protocols to follow with new athletes, gym and pitch based health and safety and what to do in the case of a medical emergency.

    Revolutionize your career as a performance strength and conditioning coach with our game-changing Diploma in Strength and Conditioning. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge training systems that set the standard in professional sports. Join elite coaches who have mastered optimizing athletic performance through our online and in-person workshops. Experience the realms of strength, power, speed, plyometrics, and advanced programming while gaining invaluable insights from industry experts and unlock your athletes’ true potential.

    Elevate your skills and advance your career with this bespoke strength and conditioning course that has been developed through years of system and methods-based coaching in professional sports.

    Our course consists of 80% online theory-based learning and is accessible via phone, laptop, or iPad/tablet on our e-learning platform. The topics covered online are exercise physiology, training science and coaching science.

    After completing the online study, the remaining 20% of the course is the face-to-face workshops. They will expose you to performance testing, advanced training methods and programming in person. Transform your coaching abilities and dominate the field like never before.

    Topics Covered:

    • APEC methodology
    • Movement preparation & robustness
    • Gym and field based plyometrics
    • Acceleration, absolute and multidirectional speed
    • Strength and power development
    • Energy systems development
    • Athlete profiling
    • Athletic Movement Screen

    What You’ll Receive:

    • CEU credits:14
    • CPD credits: 140
    • Diploma and Certificate in Strength and Conditioning
    • Lifetime access to APEC online course containing programming and periodization material used in elite sports.

    85 video lessons (60 hours)

    18 hours in person workshops

    Course Information

    The APEC Diploma in Strength and Conditioning equips coaches with the techniques and strategies essential for training high-caliber athletes in track, court, and field sports. Upon enrollment in the Strength & Conditioning diploma program, you will gain access to a comprehensive set of online modules that encompass all facets of this qualification.


    1. Introduction to Strength & Conditioning
    2. Exercise Anatomy 
    3. Exercise Physiology
    4. Assessment & Movement Screening
    5. Athlete Profiling & Performance Testing
    6. Training Science
    7. Coaching Science
    8. Programming
    9. Periodization
    10. Performance Nutrition
    11. Self Evaluation
    12. The Female Athlete
    13. Online Coaching
    14. Communication
    15. Sports Injury
    16. Sports Psychology
    17. Professional Practice

    To earn your Strength and Conditioning diploma, you will need to successfully complete all the online modules and undertake a practical athlete case study. Subsequently, you’ll be eligible to participate in the hands-on course practical sessions, which will lead to the attainment of your Strength and Conditioning diploma.


    Upon the successful conclusion of this program, you will be proficient in functioning as an integral part of a multidisciplinary team, armed with full accreditation as a certified Strength and Conditioning coach.

    Course Duration: This course is designed to accommodate your personal schedule and pace of learning. Typically, it takes anywhere from 2 to 6 months to complete. However, learners who commit to full-time study can finish it sooner.


    Entry Requirements: To enroll in this course, learners should possess a Personal Training qualification or its equivalent. Proficiency in literacy and numeracy is also essential for effective communication.


    Accreditations: The Strength & Conditioning course is accredited by VTCT and CIMSPA.


    Tuition Cost: there are no additional charges for certification or exams.


    Payment Options: APEC offers flexible payment plans. For more information on available payment options, please contact us at [email protected].


    Upon Successful Completion, You Will Earn:

    1. Diploma in Strength & Conditioning
    2. Certificate in Athletic Movement Screen
    3. Certificate in Strength & Power Development
    4. Certificate in Speed Development
    5. Certificate in Gym & Field-Based Conditioning
    6. Certificate in Athletic Programming & Periodisation
    7. Free access to online programming software


    Progression Opportunities:

    Learners who complete this qualification have the opportunity to advance and pursue the following certifications:

    1. Degree in Strength & Conditioning
    2. Diploma in Performance Nutrition

    Successful completion of the Diploma in Strength & Conditioning will entail fulfilling the following requirements through a combination of online theory, multiple-choice quizzes, case study assessments, and practical evaluations:

    1. Thorough completion of online interactive assignments and quizzes, ensuring a 100% score for each module.

    2. Successful practical assessment, demonstrating proficiency in delivering a strength/power-based gym session.

    3. Proficient performance in a practical assessment involving the delivery of a customized track/field speed training session.

    4. Satisfactory completion of coursework related to program and periodization design, with a passing grade.

    These assessments collectively ensure that you have acquired the necessary knowledge and practical skills to earn your Diploma in Strength & Conditioning.

    The Diploma in Strength and Conditioning is tailored for individuals who have already completed a Personal Training qualification or a higher-level certification and aspire to specialize in the field of strength and conditioning. This program provides comprehensive instruction on enhancing athletic performance through a systematic approach, focusing on improving key athletic attributes such as speed, strength, power, while also emphasizing injury prevention.

    Athletic Movement Screening

    Athletic Movement Screening involves the analysis of movement tasks to gain insights into how individuals utilize and apply their bodies. The strategies individuals adopt when moving contribute significantly to their physical performance and risk of injury.

    Strength Development

    Strength training is the cornerstone of any effective athletic development program. It plays a pivotal role in unlocking other essential strength qualities. Strength training helps athletes strengthen supporting muscles, address muscular imbalances, enhance mobility, correct posture, stabilize joints, acquire new movement patterns, improve coordination, peripheral abilities, power output, and more.

    Power Development

    Power Training focuses on not only overcoming resistance but also on doing so in the shortest time possible. Improving power can be achieved by increasing force or velocity or by adopting a mixed-methods approach. Utilizing a combination of unloaded and loaded exercises allows for the maximization of power development, offering program versatility and enabling athletes to operate across the entire power spectrum to optimize power output.

    Speed Development

    Achieving high sprint velocity over a short distance is crucial for success in team and field sports. Effective acceleration from a stationary or moving start requires the generation of high forces to overcome the body’s inertia. Consequently, training techniques involving substantial external resistance prove valuable for developing acceleration. When preparing for field sports, gains attained through strength and power training must be translated into performance-specific movements, such as sprinting.

    Energy System Development

    Energy System Development (ESD) is a training methodology aimed at enhancing energy metabolism efficiency to improve athletic performance. Accurate ESD prescription hinges on understanding the energy demands of the sport and the athlete’s baseline energy metabolism levels. Once a foundational level of conditioning is established, the majority of ESD should focus on enhancing athletic performance. By identifying an athlete’s peak VO₂ and anaerobic threshold, strength and performance coaches can precisely tailor training programs.

    Programming & Periodization

    Periodization is a widely accepted approach to managing athletic performance by dividing training programs into distinct, specialized training phases. Periodization introduces structured variability into the training process to maximize performance during critical competitive phases and promote long-term athletic development.

    APEC takes a flexible and learner-centric approach to education, offering a blended learning model that allows you to complete your qualifications at your own pace, aligning with your personal circumstances and lifestyle. Through our acclaimed online e-learning platform, you can conveniently complete up to 80% of your Strength & Conditioning Diploma online.

    Online Learning

    APEC’s commitment to online learning means you can commence your studies on the day you enroll and progress through the course modules at your own speed. Our dedicated team of tutors is available 7 days a week via phone or email, providing support and guidance to facilitate your learning journey.

    Our award-winning e-learning platform is meticulously designed to cater to your specific learning requirements. It delivers content through engaging digitized and animated videos, ensuring an immersive learning experience. To enhance your learning process, we provide access to a range of online training materials, including online programming software, spreadsheet files, and athlete evaluation resources. Furthermore, APEC boasts one of the most comprehensive digital exercise libraries available, enriching your knowledge of movement skills.

    One noteworthy advantage of our approach is that you are not constrained by a fixed time limit to complete your course. This flexibility empowers you to allocate as much or as little time as necessary to attain your qualification, fostering a personalized and accommodating learning environment.

    Upon finishing your online theory study, simply reach out to us to arrange your practical examination at one of our numerous performance centers situated across the country.

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      What is in every
      APEC course!

      Careers and Progression

      Upon successful completion of your Strength & Conditioning Diploma, you’ll be well-equipped to register as a qualified Strength & Conditioning coach, enabling you to immediately begin promoting your services to athletes and teams.


      APEC also goes the extra mile by offering post-course support to assist you in furthering your career in the field. We have a strong track record of helping our students find opportunities, whether it’s working with sports performance institutes or connecting with successful alumni who have established their own customized performance gyms after completing their studies with APEC.


      Career Guidance

      At APEC, our commitment to our students extends beyond the course itself. We not only aim to provide excellent education during your time with us but also strive to help you launch your Strength & Conditioning career on the strongest footing possible.


      Upon course completion, you have the option to schedule a session with our post-course career assistance team. They are dedicated to guiding you through various career opportunities in the field.

      Our career assistance team can assist with CV analysis and work diligently to put your CV in front of sports performance teams and institutes. We also guarantee interviews and promote upcoming Strength and Conditioning positions on our internal bulletin board, accessible to all APEC diploma students.


      Progression Pathway

      APEC takes pride in its commitment to lifelong learning. Following the attainment of your Strength & Conditioning Diploma, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue advanced educational degrees in Strength & Conditioning, as well as diplomas in Performance Nutrition. This ensures that your professional journey in this field can continue to evolve and grow.

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