Superset Training Systems

Superset training is a system of training where you perform a set of two different exercises one after the other with minimal rest in between each exercise.

In this article we are going to focus on  push-pull supersets which are a great way to perform a high volume of work using opposing muscle groups. For example, if the first exercise was a bench press that would be classified as a push exercise followed by a bent-over row which is classified as a pull exercise.

This type of training results in an overall shorter workout time with controlled metabolic stress and increased aerobic intensity. This is achieved from the short rest period and the opposing muscle groups that are being used.

Throughout this article, we are going to look at how to apply and program for superset training, what the training program consists of and training recommendations.

How To Program Superset Training

Each program should consist of a minimum of three workouts per week. However, in advanced lifers with a high training age superset training can be performed six times per week with one rest day. For example:

      • Monday – Train
      • Tuesday – Train
      • Wednesday – Train
      • Thursday – Rest
      • Friday – Train
      • Saturday – Train
      • Sunday – Train

Each workout should contain three supersets with opposing muscle groups, one push and one pull exercise. Superset training can be performed for rep ranges between 6-15 reps.  Supersets training will keep the total workout time down while still allowing for high volume.

Compound lifts should be performed at the start of the program while fatigue is at its lowest. Accessory work can then be performed at the end of the program targeting smaller muscle groups.

Training Level

This training system lends itself to novice, intermediate and advanced level lifters.




The Training Program

Let’s take a look at how the program is planned out over a six day period.

Training Recommendations

Recommendation No 1: Superset training should be performed for 3-6 weeks.


Recommendation No 2: Superset training can be performed every other day for novice lifters or every day for intermediate to advanced level lifters.


Recommendation No 3: A Superset Training program should consist of six exercises performed over 3 supersets. The first superset should be the heaviest and incorporate compound lifts (bench, squat). The second and third supersets can start to target isolation-type movements or weaker muscle groups.


Recommendation No 4: When prescribing load or weight lifted, try to prescribe a plateau approach to the program by picking the same load lifted for each set.


Recommendation No 5: Try to increase that load lifted each week by 2% each session. 


Recommendation No 6: Rest for 60-90 seconds during sets, rest during super sets should be minimal, 10-15 seconds.

If you would like to further educate yourself on different training systems and methods check out the following education courses

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