Certificate in Advanced Periodization & Programming


Online Certificate in Advanced Periodization & Programming


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Customised Learning Experience

Fully tailored to your needs, award-winning e-learning platform, video instructions, digital libraries, 24/7 Support 

Recognised & Accredited

APEC’S Certificates are accredited by prestigious professional organisations, including REPs UK, REPs Ireland, EREPS, RSPH & CIMSPA  

Accessible Payment Options

APEC offers multiple payment options to make the course more affordable and accessible for everyone. Training Support Grants accepted. 

Career Guidance & Progressions

Become a competitive & industry-ready professional upon the course completion, supported by our job search assistance 

What You’ll Achieve

Elevate your understanding of Advanced Periodization & Programming, designed for fitness professionals, coaches, and enthusiasts eager to master the art of creating effective performance training programs. This course offers a journey from the historical roots of periodization to the modern programming methodologies that enhance performance in hypertrophy, strength, power, speed, agility, and energy system development (ESD).

  • Certificate in Advanced Periodsation 
  • Certificate in Advanced Programming
Certificate in Advanced Periodsation & Programming

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