“Founded in 2016 by former professional rugby player Shane Cahill, APEC (Athletic Performance Education Company) has become a leading global provider of sports performance and fitness education courses. With a mission to be the world’s number one provider in this field, APEC stands apart from other education providers through its innovative blended learning model.


APEC specializes in delivering health and fitness courses, including diplomas in personal training, strength and conditioning, and nutrition. Targeting individuals aspiring to kickstart their careers in the fitness industry, APEC offers a unique approach to learning. By digitalizing and animating complex health science modules like training physiology and anatomy, APEC ensures that learners find the educational material easy to comprehend and applicable to real-world situations.


A key objective of APEC is to create a personalized learning environment where each learner is treated as an individual, allowing them the necessary time and support to enhance their academic performance. Through their chosen educational journey, learners acquire the knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to excel in their field.


While operating on a global scale, APEC takes pride in its roots in the world of sports. The company initially provided strength and conditioning services to teams and athletes before expanding into fitness education. Today, APEC’s education team consists of professionals who hold coaching roles in professional sports, ensuring the delivery of cutting-edge training systems and methods.


With a commitment to excellence, APEC continues to revolutionize the sports performance and fitness education landscape, empowering individuals worldwide to thrive in the industry.”


Become the leading provider of sports performance and fitness education courses.

Mission Statement

Innovating Health, Fitness and Sports Performance Education Through Digital Learning

Values & Objectives

  • Create a learning environment where each learner gets treated as an individual.
  • Each learner is afforded the time and dignity needed to enhance their academic performance.
  • Each learner arrives at the desired outcome through their chosen educational journey.

What We Do

We deliver digitalised and animated education content designed to enhance our students' practical and theoretical understanding of health, fitness and the sports performance industry. Trusted by elite coaches around the world, our focus has always been on true and effective education within the fitness industry.

Who We Are

APEC is a sports performance and fitness education company. APEC's sole focus is to enhance modes of learning through the inclusion of innovative blended learning technology.

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