Energy System Development

In human performance, energy system development is the rhythm guiding every move, every sprint, every enduring endeavor. It is the unseen force powering champions and the foundation on which our physical potential is built. “In this section, we’ll delve into the three primary energy systems

What Is ESD?

  1. The ATP-PC System, commonly called the a-lactic system.
  2. The Glycolytic System, often referred to as the Anaerobic or lactate system.
  3. The Oxidative System, also known as the aerobic system.


Visualizing energy systems can be simplified into three concentric circles. The innermost blue circle stands for the ATP-PC or a-lactic system. The intermediate red circle symbolizes the glycolytic or anaerobic system. The outermost green circle signifies the oxidative or aerobic system.



If you would like to further educate yourself on different training systems and methods check out the following education courses

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