Certificate in Nutrition For Physical Activity & Sport Performance


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APEC’S Certificates are accredited by prestigious professional organisations, including REPs UK, REPs Ireland, EREPS, RSPH & CIMSPA  

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APEC offers multiple payment options to make the course more affordable and accessible for everyone. Training Support Grants accepted. 

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Become a competitive & industry-ready professional upon the course completion, supported by our job search assistance 

What You’ll Achieve

Welcome to our Nutrition for Physical Activity and Sport Performance Certificate, a comprehensive course designed for anyone eager to master the art of nutrition for improving weight management and athletic performance. Tailored for athletes, coaches, fitness coaches, and health professionals, this program delivers the knowledge and practical skills needed to enhance dietary choices for personal and professional goals alike. Dive into the essentials of nutrition, from understanding the critical roles of macro and micronutrients, to developing strategies for effective weight management, sports nutrition, meal planning, and the use of supplements. 

Moreover, this course provides specialized knowledge for catering to diverse populations and real-life application through case studies. Offered online, it combines video lectures, interactive quizzes, and a wealth of resources for flexible learning. Whether you’re pursuing a career in sports nutrition, looking to boost your own performance, or aiming to help others lead healthier lives, this program is your gateway to becoming a certified nutrition expert in the field of sports and health. Start your journey toward better health and athletic success today!

  • Certificate in Nutrition for Physical Activity
  • Certificate in Nutrition for Sport Performance 
Certificate in Nutrition For Physical Activity & Sport Performance

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