Who We Are

APEC is a strength and conditioning educational company. Bringing together elite level coaches from around the globe to deliver the very best system of education from both a theoretical aspect as well as a practical standpoint. Trusted by elite coaches worldwide our focus has always landed on true education within the fitness industry.

What We Do

At APEC, we want to make continuous strength and conditioning education our number one goal for all industry fitness professional. We achieve this by bringing together a multitude of the best strength and conditioning coaches from a number of different disciplines.

Why We Do It

Our education team shares a common goal, which is β€œraising the standard of strength and conditioning education worldwide ”. We achieve this through in-person educational experiences.

Our Vision

To become the World’s #1 educational provider for specialised strength & conditioning courses.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide you with continuous education through evidence-based clinical studies in order to produce better service provision for your clients/athletes. We will supply you with a platform relating to the science of athletic performance and in doing so improving human performance.

Values & Objectives

  • Providing usable and credible educational content to coaches world wide.
  • Provide a platform to increase the development of human performance.
  • Providing continuous education from the biggest health & fitness membership organisations in the world.