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APEC’s Strength and Conditioning Diploma involves an in-depth exploration of exercise programming and the human body to maximise sporting performance. 

The course entails an elite education of underpinning theories and tools that translates science into practice. We aim to produce graduates who will apply knowledge to the sport and exercise environment and harness the human body’s physiological mechanisms to enrich individual development.

Uncover the biomechanics of movement, player screening and assessment, advanced programming for strength, power, speed, agility, and energy system development. Be nothing but the best through APEC’s superior Diploma in Strength and Conditioning.

71 video lessons (27h 10m)

Academy Information

The APEC Performance Academy is designed for up-and-coming athletes looking to take their physical preparation to the next level.

This strength and conditioning program focuses on building a solid foundation in all of the fundamental movement patterns. These movement patterns provide the foundation for all athletic maturity and are seen as the building blocks for which sports-specific skills are developed.

Athletic Performance Academy offers premium strength and conditioning training programs to athletes aged 12 to 23 years old in order to give them the best opportunity for success in their chosen sport. This curriculum is ideal for players looking to make the move from junior to professional sports.

The APEC athlete program also provides for those who just want to create the groundwork for a healthy and fit life while also developing character, confidence, and self-esteem.

The Academy program divides athletes into three major age categories: Juniors aged 12-14, 15-17, and Seniors aged 17-23.

All athletes will undergo a series of physical tests to determine a baseline measure of performance before undergoing premium training programs tailored to the athlete’s needs.

These training programs are designed to improve athletes’; physical capabilities (movement competency, strength, mobility, power and speed), and understanding of health and nutritional choices that impact performance (sleep, hydration and nutrition). 

The Athletic performance academy will be taking place at Blackrock College RFC, Somerset House, Stradbrook Rd, Mountashton, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, A94 K2V8, Click for google maps link.


(Full body)
2 hrs
based activities
(Full body)
(max speed)
(Full body)
2 hrs 

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Athletic performance Academy


€ 1,200

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