Mentorship Program

Mentoring involves teaming up with an experienced practitioner and creating a space to reflect

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The fitness industry is commonly deficient in the use of evidence in practice. APEC pride themselves on using contemporary evidence to shape their applied work and all senior coaches are academically proficient. An APEC mentorship does the hard work for you and helps you integrate  science into practice and overcome challenges, through an ongoing engagement with research and space to reflect on your practices.

This preoccupation with evidence informed practice goes beyond the work of exercise coaching as the mentors themselves have undergone training on how to be mentors underpinned by behavioural and pedagogical research.  Other mentorship programmes are not based on evidence and mentors feel they can take this role because they have experience in the industry.

Having experience does not make you a good teacher, mentor, or practitioner and there is a need for mentors to understand what makes a good mentor and utilise evidence in their role to maximise you achieving your goals.

How it works?

  • Mentees will be matched to an appropriate mentor based on their background and expectations of the mentor relationship.

  • A flexible interaction will be adopted that will be decided between the pairing but may include: regular calls, joint journalling, observations and reflections, practice based learning.

  • Mentors will hold ongoing discussions with the mentees around the aims and objectives and facilitate progression through knowledge, contact in the field, or signposting to relevant opportunities.

Why is it useful?

  • Mentorship facilitate reflections and questions about practice and developments.

  • Mentors have a wealth of networks that mentees can immerse themselves within.

  • Mentors pose as an expert partner to probe practice and support development.

  • Mentors can ‘show you the ropes’ of real life exercise profession that is not achieved from theoretical learning.


The health and fitness industry is quick paced and ever changing. The requirements of qualifications equip you to demonstrate the baseline standards to operate as an exercise professional. Yet exercise science is complex and working in the field requires a wide array of skills to adapt and maximise results for clients.  APEC’s core business to do go beyond what the textbooks tell us to provide individuals with the evidence based industry ready skills. The central mission of APEC is to provide continuous development for individuals to ensure practitioners associated with the company are head and shoulders above the rest.

What you’ll get

Mentoring involves teaming up with an experienced practitioner and creating a space to reflect, exchange ideas and challenges, and learn from those who have a wealth of knowledge and experience of how evidence works in real life. Fundemmealty the relationship provides an avenue to make troublesome situations clearer, increase knowledge and competencies of advanced elements of practice, and immerse your learning through the experiences of others.


APEC mentors have started where you have, and gone on to work with an array of elite athletes, research roles, and as entrepreneurs. Mentoring also provides the opportunity to share networks, learn from experts across different aspects of the industry, and get exposure and access to people and organisations who can advance your career.