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APEC is a human performance and fitness education company that delivers educational diplomas to Personal Trainers, Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Health Coaches and Nutritionists.


Enhancing practical and theoretical understanding of the Health Fitness & Sports Performance industry, we incorporate a blended learning model with traditional classroom education to ensure efficient training and productive student engagement.


APEC offers internationally recognised courses and certifications, along with learning facilities and tutors throughout the United Kingdom. We collaborate with some of Newry’s best training facilities, giving you extensive and exclusive opportunities to help you reach your goals.

APEC In Newry

Newry is a contemporary city in Northern Ireland that is stepping up its fitness game. Its people require competent, trustworthy, and meticulous trainers for a better Health and Fitness reality. APEC intends to meet these demands by combining personnel and knowledge.


APEC offers multiple fitness courses in Dublin, ranging from the intensive Personal Training course to Performance Nutrition. While tutors impart practical and theoretical know-how, the blended learning model lets you finish the course at your convenience. 


APEC covers code of ethics and conduct that defines good practice as a trainer in the fitness industry. We reflect the core values of rights, responsibilities, standards and safety. Furthermore, we assist in career and progression goals, helping you establish your signature in the fitness industry.

Meet David, your Newry Education Manager

David Downey is the UK Education Manager and Head of Sports Rehabilitation at APEC. 


Apart from online delivery of Personal Training and Strength & Conditioning diplomas, David coordinating tutors and liaisons with external companies to ensure the highest standards for both learners and APEC.

David's proficiency:
  • UK Education Manager and Head of Sports Rehabilitation – APEC

  • Private Sports Rehabilitation Clinician

  • M.Sc Sports Rehabilitation from St.Mary’s Twickenham

  • BA Modelmaking in 3D Design (Physical Sculpting Specialisation) from IADT

Personal Training Courses in Newry- Coach David Downey

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Course Information

With a Personal Training diploma from APEC, you’ll be well-equipped to put your passion for health and fitness to work. Our certification lets you advance both your career and that of your clients’.


Our blended learning model incorporates both online and classroom-based instruction. This model adapts around your daily schedule so that you don’t have to put your life on hold to complete the course.


The course combines both the level 3 certificate in Fitness Instruction and the level 4 Personal Training certificate into one integrated course. This gives you the opportunity to start working as a personal trainer right away, whether it be starting your very own personal training business or working in a local or national gym chain.


Always be well-equipped for the job. Whether it is working 1-2-1 or tailoring a bespoke program for a client or even providing guidelines, with a Personal Training diploma from APEC, you always have the right tools to succeed. This course is also a stepping stone for those who are looking to further specialize in level 5 courses for Performance Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning and Health Coaching.


APEC prides itself on providing a highly interactive Personal Training education to its students. From day one of your enrolment, we are invested in your career. Our elite-level education guarantees a Personal Training internship with our local and corporate gym partners in addition to unlimited career support and guaranteed interviews.

The APEC diploma in Personal Training has been designed by industry-leading coaches providing the essential skills knowledge and behaviours needed to work as a qualified personal trainer or set up your very own business.


APEC’s Personal Training Diploma is accredited by several professional organizations like Focus Awards and CIMSPA and is regulated by OFQUAL. A winner of Focus Awards and having PD approval, this qualification has one of the highest regulatory and awarding processes in the industry which sets it apart from any others.


Course Length: The course is designed with flexibility in mind so that you can complete it at your own pace. While it takes an average of 2-6 months, students can learn in a full-time capacity to complete it in as little as 4-6 weeks. 


Entry Requirements: Anyone who is 16 years or older can enroll.

Accreditations: Accredited by Focus Awards & CIMSPA.

Cost: €1199. No extra fee for certification or exams.

Offer & Payment Options: APEC offers flexible payment plans from as low as €51 a month to make payments manageable.

What You’ll Qualify With: On successful completion of the PT Diploma, you will qualify with:

  • 17 CIMSPA points
  • Level 4 Diploma in Personal Training
  • Level 3 Certificate in Fitness Instructing
  • Level 3 Certificate in Nutrition
  • Level 3 Certificate in Wellbeing
  • CPD in Business Skill
  • CPD in Professional Practice
  • CPD Nutrition
  • Free online programming software

Completion of your Personal Training qualification will require you to complete both theory and practical assessments for both the Gym Instructing Level 3 and Personal Training Level 4 course.

Level 3 Fitness Instructor Assessments

  • At least a 70% score required on the multiple-choice paper on anatomy and physiology
  • At least a 70% score required on the multiple-choice paper on the principles of exercise and health
  • 100% completion of the online interactive quizzes and assignments after each module
  • Practical Assessment on delivering a gym-based induction
  • Practical assessment on delivering a customised personal training programme
  • Completion of the coursework on health and safety, programme writing, and client overview

Level 4 Personal Trainer Assessments

  • At least a 70% score required on the multiple-choice paper on anatomy and physiology
  • At least a 70% score required on the multiple-choice paper on the application of nutrition
  • Practical assessment on delivering a customised personal training programme
  • Completion of the coursework on programming with clients, smart goals, client screening and progressive overview

APEC offers an engaging and interactive Personal Training diploma. It provides the learner with the fundamental knowledge and understanding of how to engage with clients on a 1-2-1 basis both in-person and online. Learn how to support the delivery of a safe and effective workout programme for Personal Training sessions with a proper understanding of the human anatomy and the application of nutrition.


5 main components make up the qualification: 


Competency Development 

Core competency development such as communication, behaviour change and reflective practice serves as the foundation and bedrock of your career as a Personal Trainer. The communication sets you up to communicate effectively and efficiently with your clients. Focusing on everything from pitch and tone of your voice right through to different communication methods such as para verbal, none venerable, body language and listening skill. 

The behaviour change module is designed to help you break down and understand the different behaviours people exhibit around exercise and diet. The module focuses on soft skill development for coaches to help people break personal habits and attitudes and improve motivation. Finally, reflective practice allows you as the coach to accurately reflect on your work as a fitness professional. 


Training Science 

The exercise snd training science section of the course focuses on the training principles that make up sound practice while also exploring applied anatomy and physiology. Human Biomechanics is also explored in detail with a special focus on the main gym-based lift and all the technical modules that support each lift.  


Coaching Science 

The coaching science section of the course provides insight into the scientific foundation that underpins the work of all coaching practice. The module translates the science of coaching into real-life practice application and shows coaches the link between theory and practice.

In essence, this section improves your ability as a coach to work in a group setting or one on one with someone. 


Programing & Periodasation 

Exercise programming and periodisation takes the training systems that were learned in the training science modules and shows coaches how to systematically program for the most effective outcomes with their clients. Principles for programming covers fat loss, hypertrophy, strength mobility and general fitness.



With nutrition being the cornerstone of a healthy life the nutrition module takes a deep dive into the fundamentals of nutrition for health. It breaks down everything from micro and macros nutrition right through to hydration. The model shows coaches how to track calories and put them into a system that is easy to understand and effective when applied to a clients training regime.

APEC offers a blended learning approach to education allowing you to complete your qualifications at your own time and pace depending on your personal circumstances and lifestyle. You can now complete 80% of your Personal Training diploma online with our award-winning online e-learning platform.

Once you have compleated your online theory work we will arrange your practical assessment at one of our many performance centres throughout the country.

Online Learning

APEC provides 80% of the theory-based learning associated with the course online. This enables you to start learning the same day you enrol and begin working through the course modules at a pace suitable to you. APEC’s team of dedicated tutors provide you with support and guidance, all 7 days a week via phone or email.

Our award-winning e-learning platform is completely custom built and is tailored to your learning needs. The platform provides learning in the form of digitalised and animated video-led content. Online training tools such as online programming software, excel files and client assessment sheets are also provided to help you with your learning. Finally, APEC has one of the most extensive digital exercise libraries to help you with your understanding of movement skill.

You are not obliged to complete your course in any time frame, giving you the privilege to complete the course at your own pace, whether it be taking as little time as possible, or as long as you want.

Upon completion of your Personal Training diploma, you will be eligible to register as a qualified Personal Trainer with IREPs or CIMSPA and start advertising your services straight away.

APEC also provides post-course support to help direct you toward employment with a large gym chain or with one of our many successful students who now run and operate smaller bespoke gyms after finishing their education with APEC.

Career Support

At APEC, we go the further mile in helping our students. We are not just focused on providing you with great service during the course, but we also want to help you give your personal training career the best start possible.

Once you have finished the course you can arrange a consultation with our post-course career support team who will guide you through different career options.

The career support team will assist you with CV analysis, and will also help you get your CV into the hands of corporate and bespoke gym owners. Guaranteed interviews and upcoming health, fitness and wellness jobs will be posted on our internal message forum available to all students studying APEC diplomas.

Progression Route

We at APEC take pride in our further education approach. After the completion of your Personal Training diploma, further education diplomas in Strength and Condition, Nutrition and Health Coaching at level 5 and 6 will become available to you.

Pricing & Payment

You can get the complete course for €1199. We offer flexible payment plans and you can sign up with Humm for as little as 51 Euro a month.
Yes, we provide several payment plans. If it is not available on the website please drop us a message in the message box and we can organise one that suits you.

Achieving Meaningful Results.

APEC has pioneered the field of human performance and fitness education to help people achieve optimal performance in whatever they do. Today, APEC is the trusted provider for students looking to work in fitness, sports or health performance related industries. 

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    January 19, 2022

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