Certificate in Communication and Behaviour Change


Communication is one of the main ingredients for success in many professions, but the problem is that the phrase ‘good communication skills is a term so overused that it is difficult to pinpoint what it actually means. In this Certificate you will learn what strong communication skills are and how to implement them into your daily practice.

Demonstrating strong communication skills is about being able to convey information to others in a simple and unambiguous way. It involves the distribution of messages clearly and concisely, in a way that connects with the audience. Good communication is about understanding instructions, acquiring new skills, making requests, asking questions, and relaying information with ease. Good communication also involves understanding requests and relaying key information. When there is a breakdown in communications, often efficiency, morale and objectives can all suffer.

After progressing your knowledge in communication, we will delve into the topic of behaviour change and how you can make a positive impact on your clients / athletes. Some of the main topics covered in this section are behaviour change science, motivation and consultation and motivational interviewing. All the above will elevate you to new heights as a coach / practitioner.

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