Diploma In Personal Training

Personal Training Diploma

A Personal Training career is a fantastic choice especially if you’re enthusiastic about training and love to coach people to improve their life from a physical health standpoint but also to improve their emotional wellbeing.

As a Personal Trainer, it’s important you pick the correct qualification to help you get started in the industry straight away.

The APEC blended learning Diploma in Personal Training enables you to do just that. With 80% of your course accessible online, you can study from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. The content can be viewed entirely on your smartphone or computer.

The practical based learning takes place over 3 days and is delivered at one of our many performance centres around the country.

The APEC Personal Training Diploma course is a combination of the Fitness Instructor Level 3 and the personal Trainer Level 4 course rolled into one integrated Personal Training Diploma that leaves you 10 steps ahead of your competition.

The 5 main components make up the qualification which are.

Competency Development
Core competency development such as communication, behaviour change and reflective practice serves as the foundation and bedrock of your career as a Personal Trainer. The communication sets you up to communicate effectively and efficiently with your clients. Focusing on everything from pitch and tone of your voice right through to different communication methods such as para verbal, none venerable, body language and listening skill. The behaviour change module is designed to help you break down and understand the different behaviours people exhibit around exercise and diet. The module focuses on soft skill development for coaches to help people break personal habits and attitudes and improve motivation. Finally, reflective practice allows you as the coach to accurately reflect on your work as a fitness professional.

Training Science
The exercise snd training science section of the course focuses on the training principles that make up sound practice while also exploring applied anatomy and physiology. Human Biomechanics is also explored in detail with a special focus on the main gym-based lift and all the technical modules that support each lift.

Coaching Science 

The coaching science section of the course provides insight into the scientific foundation that underpins the work of all coaching practice. The module translates the science of coaching into real-life practice application and shows coaches the link between theory and practice.
In essence, this section improves your ability as a coach to work in a group setting or one on one with someone.

Programing & Periodasation
Exercise programming and periodisation takes the training systems that were learned in the training science modules and shows coaches how to systematically program for the most effective outcomes with their clients. Principles for programming covers fat loss, hypertrophy, strength mobility and general fitness.

With nutrition being the cornerstone of a healthy life the nutrition module takes a deep dive into the fundamentals of nutrition for health. It breaks down everything from micro and macros nutrition right through to hydration. The model shows coaches how to track calories and put them into a system that is easy to understand and effective when applied to a clients training regime.

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