Tri-Set Training Systems

Tri-set training involves performing three exercises consecutively with no rest in between. It is crucial that all three exercises target the same muscle group, but not necessarily the same muscle.

Tri-set training with the shoulder complex, for example, would target the anterior deltoid, lateral deltoid, and posterior deltoid. We want to avoid training different areas of the body, such as the shoulder, leg, and back, when doing Tri-set training. Why? because the goal of Tri-set training is to overload specific muscle groups, not the whole body. Because there is no rest in between, removing the rest is more taxing on the neurological system, so muscle recruitment is utilised to its full potential throughout the session.

In addition, Tri-set training encourages a high volume of work in a short amount of time, eliciting a greater metabolic response. This means that the training raises lactate levels, which positively affects the endocrine system and, in particular, the production of testosterone.

Tri-set training is also a great option if your client or athlete is short on time or you want to fit more volume into the available session time.

How To Program For Triset Training

Tri-set training is not usually programmed into standalone sessions where the entire session is based solely on Tri-set work. Rather, Tri-set training is used at the end of a training programme after the primary lift, such as the bench press or squat, has been completed.


The amount of Tri-set work that can be done during the week depends on the individual’s training age.


An intermediate to advanced lifter, for example, can train 3-4 times per week:


      • Monday – Train
      • Tuesday – Rest
      • Wednesday – Train
      • Thursday – Rest
      • Friday – Train
      • Saturday – Rest
      • Sunday – Rest


Every workout should include a primary lift, which is a compound movement such as a bench press or squat. The following exercise should be an assistant exercise that focuses on the posterior chain, such as a row exercise if the primary exercise was a bench press or an RDL if the primary exercise was a squat. Your Tri-set training component should be the program’s final stage.

Training Level

This training system is designed for intermediate to advanced level lifters.




The Training Program

Let’s take a look at how the program is planned out over a three day period.

Training Recommendations

Recommendation No. 1: Perform Tri-set training for 3-6 weeks.



Recommendation No. 2: Only intermediate to advanced level lifters should engage in Tri-set training.



Recommendation 3: Tri-set training programmes should include three exercises performed sequentially.



Recommendation 4: When prescribing load or weight lifted, try to use a plateau approach in which you choose the same load lifted for each set.



Recommendation No. 5: Try to increase the amount of weight lifted each week by 1-2% per session.



Recommendation No. 6: Rest for no more than 60-90 seconds between sets, and for no more than 10-15 seconds between each exercise.

If you want to learn more about different training systems and methods, take a look at the education courses listed below.

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